Summer Pre-College Programs at Carnegie Mellon

Carnagie Mellon Summer Programs

For over 100 years, Carnegie Mellon has offered students unique and hands-on educational programs from the fine arts to technology and everything in between. Through the Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Program, rising juniors and seniors in high school have the opportunity to experience this world-class education.

Mirroring the undergraduate experience, our Pre-College program gives students the opportunity to explore their interests while receiving instruction from acclaimed Carnegie Mellon faculty and staff. Students will also participate in a robust outside of the classroom experience.

Our summer Pre-College program options include the following:

  • Summer Session, students take two full-length Carnegie Mellon courses in a variety of disciplines, ranging from Computer Science, History to Music Technology.
  • Summer Academy for Math and Science, provides students from underrepresented communities the opportunity to achieve skills to pursue and complete majors in STEM fields.
  • National High School Game Academy, for students who want to learn about modern video game development through a unique blend of left- and right-brain college-level work.
  • Computational Biology, a three-week program for students looking to learn more about the intersection of the two disciplines.
  • Unique programs in the Fine Arts – Architecture, Art, Design, Drama or Music – in which the students experience developing their skills in a conservatory or studio setting.
  • Writing & Culture is our new program this year. Guided by the mentorship and instruction of our highly distinguished, permanent faculty members, students will improve their ability to analyze complex, ever-changing problems through astute investigations of culture and society.

Students may apply for the program here. Feel free to share this email with any student you think might be interested in applying!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Best Regards,

Kai Roberts
Assistant Director, Enrollment Management
Carnegie Mellon Pre-College Programs

Carnegie Mellon University | 4700 Fifth Ave. | Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412.268.5914 |

ACP Exam Schedule – Fall 2019

Acp Exam Schedule Heading

Townview Magnet Center

Fall 2019

ACP Exam Schedule

Monday, December 16th (Full School Day)

1st Period ACP 9:00am – 11:00am

2nd Period Class (Adjusted “A” day lunch schedule) 11:05am – 1:20pm 

5th Period ACP 1:25pm – 3:25pm

4th Period Class 3:30pm – 4:20pm

Lunch Schedule:
  • A-Lunch: 11:05am – 11:35am
  • B-Lunch: 11:40am – 12:10pm
  • C-Lunch: 12:15pm – 12:45pm
  • D-Lunch: 12:50pm – 1:20pm

Tuesday, December 17th (Early Release Day)

2nd Period ACP 9:00am – 11:00am

6th Period ACP 11:05am – 1:05pm

Lunches distributed 1:10pm – 1:35pm

Buses Leave 1:40pm

Wednesday, December 18th (Early Release Day)

3rd Period ACP 9:00am – 11:00am

7th Period ACP 11:05am – 1:05pm

Lunches distributed 1:10pm – 1:35pm

Buses Leave 1:40pm

Thursday, December 19th (Early Release Day)

4th Period ACP 9:00am – 11:00am

8th Period ACP 11:05am – 1:05pm

Lunches Distributed 1:10pm – 1:35pm

Buses Leave 1:40pm

SBDM Committee Ranking Decision

SEM Logo

Quick background 

A few years ago, SEM parents successfully voted to select Option 2 (No Ranking). It’s time to vote again. This year, I established a ranking committee on November 13, 2019. The ranking committee reviewed the criteria established in board policy EIC(LOCAL) and addressed the pros and cons of continuing our Option 2 (No Rank). On December 5, 2019, the ranking committee formally request to select Option 2 (No Rank) again. 

Parents, now it’s up to you to vote and decide.

Per policy, I must share a presentation of the SBDM’s Committee’s findings (to select No Rank) with parents of all students currently enrolled at SEM. That meeting will be held on Monday, December 9, 2019, room 211, 8:00 a.m. – this is not a mandatory meeting. A summary of that meeting is below.

It is extremely important that starting on Monday, January 13, 2019, at least 60% of our parents vote WITH at least 60% or higher of the percentage of votes in favor of Option 2. If either of these percentages are below 60%, then the recommendation fails and SEM will default to RANKING.

Be thinking about: Do I want Option 2 (No Rank) or Option 1 (Rank) for my child? There is no action needed on your behalf right now.


Mr. Palacios

Summary of Principal’s Presentation

Ranking Committee’s has recently made their decision on whether or not to rank SEM students! 

Decision: option 2 (NO RANK) 

The Committee agrees that not ranking our students is the right decision because:

  • Students rated with number grades can lose interest in what they’re learning compared with students who aren’t graded at all.
  • As of 2016, less than half of U.S. high schools have class rank systems. Most universities are no longer considering class rank and taking a more holistic approach to admissions.
  • Class rank only demonstrates a student relative to his classmates and not the rigor of the course load.
  • The importance of student ranking for college admission has lessened considerably with the rising trend of evaluating students holistically.
  • Class rank only compares a student to other students at one school; therefore, ranking is a very narrow method of evaluation. In addition, a student who attends SEM would rank very high at their home school, but might rank in the middle of their class here. In this case, ranking would be harmful to the student. 
  • Fosters a collaborative environment among students rather than competitive
  • Causes students to focus on their own growth rather than their comparison to their peers
  • Because some scholarships are based on class rank, many of our exceptional students will not be eligible to receive scholarships if we ranked our students.
  • Many of our graduating students would have a difficult time being accepted to Texas state schools if they are ranked low in their graduating class, but would be ranked in the top 10% at their home schools and therefore would be guaranteed admission. 
  • In a school as rigorous as ours, we must consider the effects that class ranking has on our student body. Class ranking will foment the kind of toxic competition that will deter collaboration and collegiality amongst our students. In the working world, students must learn to work collaboratively with their peers especially in STEM fields.

Welcome our Engineering Teacher Mr. Philip Timmons

Philip Timmons

Dear SEM Family,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the hiring of Mr. Philip Timmons who will join our SEM family this Monday, Nov. 18th.

Mr. Philip Timmons, MSEE 1995, BSEE 1990, University of Texas at Arlington. ROTC, US Army Corps of Engineers. Texas Electrical Master. Instructor: US Army, University of Texas, Arlington, Lincoln Technical, Lockheed-Martin, others. Engineering: Eastman Chemical, University of Texas Southwest Medical, Texas Utilities, others. Areas of specialization: Electrical Power, Renewable Energy, Instrumentation and Controls, Programmable Logic and Robotics, Bio-Medical. Community: Boy Scouts, Church/Community Construction, Sponsor for teens from distressed families.

We are delighted to welcome Mr. Timmons to SEM. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mr. Palacios

Young Leaders, Strong City Racial Justice and Equity Summit

Young Leaders Strong City Logo

REGISTER NOW for the 2019 Annual YLSC student summit.

All Dallas area high school students are invited to the annual Young Leaders, Strong City racial justice and equity summit. There will be food, music, and is free for all and an opportunity to gain volunteer hours.

YLSC intentionally recruits a diverse group of students from various backgrounds, levels of academic achievement, and existing leadership skills or experience. Our goal is to invest in students where they are right now by creating a day that exposes them to conversations covering topics such as environmental justice, sports and activism, identity, and organizing for change.

YLSC Sixth Annual Summit

Saturday, November 16th
10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
TWU Dallas 5500 Southwestern Medical Ave. Dallas, TX 75235

Hope to see you there,


Young Leaders Strong City Flyer

Free Program about Health Professions

The Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) is now taking applications for its free program that includes interactive workshops, exposure to science and health careers, and a career fair.


Parent / Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences Banner
Parent Teacher Conference Chalkboard Graphic

Monday, October 7th at 5-8pm

Come to the SEM Office and

  • Pick up your student’s report card in front if the SEM office.
  • Join PTSA! 

Maps will also be available so you can start visiting your student’s teachers. 

Parent Teacher Conference Chalkboard Graphic Spanish

Lunes, 7 de octubre de 5-8pm

¡Venga a la oficina de SEM y

  • Recoja la boleta de su estudiante
  • Unase al PTSA! 

También puede recoger un mapa de la escuela para comenzar a visitar a los maestros de su hijo/a.


The Drop In Center

You’re invited to join us for The Drop In Center.

Join us once a week to hang with other students, grab some food and hear about services available to you in the community.

Every Thursday from 8:30 – 9:00 A.M. See Mrs. Kossie in Office 237C