Debate Fall City Championships 2017

On December 1st and 2nd, the SEM Novice and Varsity debaters attended the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance Fall City Championship at Thomas Jefferson High School. Listed below are the awards:

Individual Awards:


  • 1st place Novice: Donovan Rodgers
  • 11th place Novice: John Ramos
  • 12th place Novice: Vanessa Vasquez


  • 1st place Varsity: Olivia Northcutt- Wyly
  • 2nd place Varsity: Storm Lasseter
  • 3rd place Varsity: Sophie Rahman
  • 4th place Varsity: Benjamin Hernandez
  • 8th place Varsity: Juan Diaz

Team Awards:


  • 10th place Novice: Jennifer Granados and John Ramos
  • 11th place Novice: Isra Alinur and Vanessa Vasquez
  • 12th place Novice: Sravani and Katelyn Candido


  • 1st place Varsity: Storm Lasseter and Juan Diaz
  • 3rd place Varsity: Olivia Northcutt- Wyly and Sophie Rahman
  • Also competing was Benjamin Hernandez who debated well enough for elimination debates but was excluded because he debated without a partner.

Please Congratulate all of our hard working debaters on an amazing Tournament!

Thank you to everyone for all the hard work and dedication. Go eagles!