Board Members

PTSA Board Members 2020-21 and Open Positions:
If you are interested in any positions, let us know:
AmountOfWork ÷ MorePeople = LessWorkPerPerson
Plus, you get to meet a lot of great people!

President – Anna Dineen
Vice President of Programs – Elizabeth Branson
Vice President of Communications – Viviana Hernandez
Treasurer – Ann Edwards Small
Secretary – Alejandra Madrigales

Membership Chair – Alejandra Madrigales
Finance Chair – CiCi Orta
North Texas Giving Day Chair – Lisa Wright

Website Chair – Viviana Hernandez
Newsletter Chair – Viviana Hernandez
Facebook Chair – Lisa Gilliam
Translations Chair – Viviana Hernandez

Hospitality Chair – Erika Wijaya Tan
Teacher Appreciation Chair – Melissa Shields
Morning Coffee Chair – OPEN
Outreach Chairs – OPEN
Sign Up Genius Chair – Anna Deneen

Spirit Gear Chair – Open
Yearbook Chair – Open
President’s Volunteer Service Award Chair – Susan Bonsell

Fundraising Graduation Teams by Grade level: 2 parents, 2 students, 2 teachers per class:
9th – OPEN / OPEN
10th – OPEN / OPEN
11th – OPEN / OPEN
12th – OPEN / OPEN