Board Members

PTSA Board Members 2022-2023 and Open Positions:
If you are interested in any positions, please let us know:
AmountOfWork ÷ MorePeople = LessWorkPerPerson
Plus, you get to meet a lot of great people!

President – Susan Bonsell
Vice President of Programs – Mielle Walther
Vice President of Communications – Lisa Gilliam
Treasurer – Kerry Salas
Secretary – Denise Rodriguez
Parliamentarian – Claudia Salas

Finance Chair – Arturo Calderon
Fundraising Chair – Susan Bonsell
Membership Chair – Tesa Golden
President’s Volunteer Service Award Chair – AVAILABLE!
Peer2Peer – Alaina Livingston
SEL Liaison – Tonya Madden
SEM Socials – Michelle Monsivais
Sign Up Genius Chair – Tesa Golden
Corporate Outreach Chairs – Rama Paduri/Calia Rodriguez
Spirit Gear Chair – Martha Castellanos
Social Media Chair – Lisa Gilliam
Translations Chair – Arturo Calderon
Teacher Appreciation Chair – Cameron Spooner/Maria Castro
Website Chair – Susan Bonsell

Financial Reconciliation Committee (3)
Arturo Calderon (Chair)
Laura McCavit

Nomination Committee Chair – Tesa Golden
Nomination Committee (3)
Tesa Golden
Joette White
Amanda Blair

Grade Level Teams: 2 parents, 2 students, 2 teachers per class
These teams are designed to provide grade-level support for fundraising, coordinating volunteers—particularly for senior week and senior events—and are generally available for questions pertaining to their grade.
Parent Teams
Class of 2026 – Alaina Livingston/Liza Dahm
Class of 2025 – Claudia Salas/AVAILABLE!
Class of 2024 – Olga Quiroga/Joette White
Class of 2023 – Lisa Gilliam/Tesa Golden

Faculty Teams
Freshmen – Mr. Barasch/Dr. Chapman
Sophomores – Ms. Adams/Mr. Florczak
Juniors – Mr. McLoda/Ms. Nelson
Seniors – Ms. Foster/Ms. Tangman