PTSA Board Vote for 2024-25

SEM PTSA 2024-2025 Executive Board Slate TBD

Please review the below Executive Officer roles and use the nominating form below to self-nominate or nominate someone you think would do a great job for SEM!

SEM PTSA 2023-24 Board of Executive Officers:
President—Kerry Salas
VP Programs—Michelle Monsivais
VP Communications—Nan Roper
Secretary—Andrea Soto
Treasurer—Rohit Goudar

If you have any questions, please email the Nominating Committee
Thank you for your support of SEM PTSA

The President shall:

  • Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association in order that the PTSA purposes may be promoted
  • Preside at all meetings of the membership and executive board
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating and financial reconciliation committees
  • Establish the schedule of executive board and membership meetings for the year
  • Appoint a parliamentarian
  • Appoint standing committee chairs
  • Work with the presidents of other Townview PTSAs
  • All duties to ensure the PTSA stays in good standing with the National PTA organization
  • Conduct any other business as it becomes necessary

VP of Programs
The VP of Programs shall:

  • Serve as aide-to-the-president;
  • Oversee all Programs and Activities, including Teacher Appreciation, SEM Socials,  various educational & social programs.
  • Work with spirit wear, fundraising, the internships and community service chairs to ensure timely communication of events/promotions
  • Preside in the absence of the president (in their designated order)

VP of Communications
The VP of Communications shall:

  • Be responsible for all Communications, including membership emails, social media, website, volunteers & directory, translation team, and linking communication between campus, parents community and Townview
  • Work with StuCo and The Nucleus to promote strong and effective communication with SEM community
  • Preside in the absence of the president (in their designated order)

The Secretary shall:

  • Record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the membership and the executive board
  • Keeps the official PTSA record book
  • Send notice of meetings of the membership and of the executive board
  • Be responsible for correspondence
  • Collect and preserve documents relating to the history of the association
  • Present a written report to the association as the official history to be adopted at the annual meeting
  • Maintain the required documents of the association to include: Texas PTA Foundations, Leader Orientation completion lists, membership rosters, and adopted plans of work
  • Prepare sign‐in sheets and distribute the minutes as needed for meetings

The Treasurer shall:

  • Have custody of all the funds of the association
  • Serve as the chair of the budget and finance committee
  • Present a written and verbal financial report at executive board and membership meetings and as requested by the executive board or membership
  • Maintain books of account and records including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, paid receipts and canceled checks in accordance with the records retention policy
  • Make disbursements in accordance with the budget adopted by the membership
  • Be authorized to sign on bank accounts
  • Be authorized to sign tax documents, if the president is prohibited by terms of employment
  • Present a preliminary annual report, i.e. budget to actual, at the last membership meeting
  • After the end of the fiscal year, complete and file all necessary tax documents and present books of account and records to the financial reconciliation committee
Exec Board Nomination Form