Dallas Urban Debate Alliance Fall City Championship

Dallas Urban Debate Alliance Fall City Championship 01

The SEM debaters, Ms. Zhuge, and Ms Gregg attended the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance Fall City Championship at Conrad. In addition to the usual championship, this event had $15,000 in scholarship prizes available to the top team from two different schools. While SEM had the top 2 varsity teams, only our top placing team will compete for the scholarship prizes in an exhibition debate in January. They will face the third placed team, Irma Rangel. Both SEM teams had undefeated records, and the tie for first was broken by only 2 speaker points.

I also want to give special recognition to our new Junior Varsity debaters – our novices moved to JV after only one semester of debate and were ranked ahead of competitors that have been debating for 1-3 years. Also thank you to Olivia Northcutt-Wyly, who did not compete but attended to coach our younger debaters and judge rounds.

First place team: Juan Diaz (second year winning) and Sophie Rahman
Second place team: Storm Lasseter and Benjamin Hernandez
First place speaker: Sophie Rahman
Second place speaker: Storm Lasseter
Sixth place speaker: Juan Diaz

First place team: Jacob Gonzalez and Maanas Sharma
Seventh place team: Nelda Hernandez and Miles Grossman
First place speaker: Maanas Sharma
Second place speaker: Jacob Gonzalez
Seventh place speaker: Blaine Wells
Ninth place speaker: Reagan Hickox

Third place team: Priyanka Bhasi and Sebastian Hernandez
Fourth place team: Ishaan Gadiyar and Feven Kidanu
Fourth place speaker: Ishaan Gadiyar
Eighth place speaker: Priyanka Bhasi
Ninth place speaker: Feven Kidanu
Tenth place speaker: Camille Johnson