Hydrology Club Designs Cost Friendly 3D-Printed Aerator

Nov 14, 2017 UPDATE: It has just been announced that the club has AGAIN won the Lexus Eco Challenge with a $10,000 prize! Mr McLoda, teacher advisor for the Challenge, will provide details. Stay tuned…

Recently, Hydrology Club members designed a cost-friendly 3D-printed aerator and pioneered the use of recycled plastics as filaments versus ABS.

Current Project:
3PAC’s mission is to reduce the amount of algae blooms in freshwater bodies through the use of 3D-printed aerators made from recycled PET and PETE plastics. This device markets around $8/unit, making it both cost and eco-friendly.
Algae blooms are the source of various environmental issues including: the killing of aquatic animals, contamination of drinking water sources, and also the pollution of the surrounding air. Particularly, in the Dallas community, Lake Cliff has a major brown algae issue that has been marked as dangerous even to humans. In partnership with the Texas Stream Team and For the Love of the Lake, the club is working on implementing their aerator into Lake Cliff and other freshwater bodies in the Dallas community.

View 3PAC Team presentation – Hydrology Lexus Eco Challenge Summary 2017

To see more on our recent work, please visit our project websites (https://onorthcuttwyly.wixsite.com/3pac , https://runoffresolvers.wixsite.com/lexuseco) or follow our Facebook page (3D Pneumatic Aerator Creators.