Venturing Crew at Townview

We are forming a Venturing crew! Please join us, make new friends, and have a lot of fun! Venturing is about youth creating positive experiences (adventures!) that help them mature into responsible adults. It is for boys and girls aged 14 to 20 (13 is okay if you have completed 8th grade). We need more girls to join our great Crew! You do not need to have any Scouting affiliation to join.

Welcome to the group pool party Saturday August 25th. Our first meeting is August 28th from 7:15-9:00.

Two goals for this meeting:

  1. Share the vision of Crew 863
  2. Youth to determine the kinds of activities Crew 863 will do

Contact Aren Cambre for more information.

This is a branch of the Boy Scouts that is co-Ed.  The emphasis here is on socializing and leadership skills, not badges.  The kids get together and plan fun outings and figure out how to finance those excursions. They can be anywhere from the movies to a rim to rim exploring of the Grand Canyon.  There are no mandatory meetings so it is pretty relaxed.