Order Your Yearbook Online or at School – Sales End October 31st

Order Your Yearbook

There are 2 Options to Purchase a Yearbook!

  1. ON -LINE SALES:  $37.00 (Includes PayPal fee)
  2. SCHOOL SALES: Every Tuesday in October From 8:30am – 9:15 am

Yearbook wishes!!
This year the yearbook is offering parents the opportunity to purchase a half page for $25 or a full page for $50 that includes pictures and a message to their child! 

Please consider Donating a Yearbook!!
Every year our generous Community has parents that step forward when they purchase their book that donate books for students!



  1. Early yearbook sales help to ensure the quality and size of the yearbook produced.
  2. Yearbooks will be distributed in May.
  3. If ordering a yearbook presents a financial difficulty, please see Mr. Palacios in person
  4. All sales are final.

Order Your Yearbook Spanish

¡Hay 2 opciones para comprar el Libro Anual de SEM!

  1. EN – LINEA las ventas: $37.00 (incluye los impuestos de PayPal)
  2. En la Escuela SEM: Todos los martes de octubre de 8:30 – 9:15am.

¡ Deseos para el Libro Anual!!!!
El Libro anual de este año esta ofreciendo a los padres  la oportunidad de comprar una media página por $25 o una página completa por $50 que incluye fotos y un mensaje para su hijo!

Por favor considere donar un Libro Anual!
Cada año nuestra comunidad generosa tiene padres que cuando compran su libro también donan libros para otros estudiantes!


  1. Las ventas tempranas del Libro Anual ayudan a garantizar la calidad y el tamaño de la producción.
  2. El Libro Anual se distribuirá en mayo 2019. Todas las ventas son finales.
  3. Si tiene dificultades financieras para obtener su Libro Anual,  por favor póngase en contacto con el Director con el Sr. Palacios en persona.

The 2017-18 Yearbook Committee

The 2017-18 Yearbook work has begun in earnest.
The committee meets every Tuesday in Ms. Tangman’s room after school
Please bring your laptops for a working meeting… as we will be building pages weekly during our meeting as well as on your own at home.

October Schedule:
Year book Club Meets October 17 and 31st.
Ms. Tangman’s room 134B after school.

Subscribe for yearbook communications/notifications:
Subscribe to this Remind to get up-to-date announcements:

Using texting on your cell phone….
send a text message to 81010
and type the message:

Pictavo Accounts
If you do not have an account set up for Pictavo please send Ms. Zinn (lizzyzinn@gmail.com) your email address and grade level.

Take GREAT pictures, Edit them, ID them, File them in our working files on www.Pictavo.com.

Stephanie Tangman, SEM English Teacher
Lizzy Zinn – PTSA Parent Volunteer
Kim Chow – PTSA Parent Volunteer
Marianne Leclerc, PTSA Parent Volunteer.