College Planning

Naviance is the website our DISD district is recommending for college application and all other college planning tools.

The student data already should be showing in the website so our students can directly log in and when they add their email, they can start accessing the college planning tools.

For example they can enter what colleges they are applying to and they can request recommendations from SEM teachers or counselors.

Science/Engineering Magnet High School’s dedicated link:

Your username: student ID
Password: EAD single Sign On password (your regular password that you use to log into the District computer)

How To Match Your Common App and Naviance Accounts

Below is a short video with instructions on how to match your Naviance and Common App accounts.
Please do this ASAP.

When you fill out the FERPA section, I highly suggest you waive your right to view the recommendation letters. Colleges want to know that your teachers had the freedom to be 100% honest in their letters!


How do I find my class rank and GPA?

  1. Log in to Naviance.
  2. Use the same credentials that you would use to log in to a school computer or Wi-Fi network. Your student ID number should be the user name, and you should know your own password.
  3. Click on the big tab that says “about me”.
  4. Scroll down to the box that says “official things” and click “profile”.
  5. The next page should have a lot of your personal details (including name, address, DOB, graduation year, etc.) on top, but if you scroll down a bit, you should see your unweighted GPA (we DO NOT calculate a weighted GPA) and rank (out of 89 seniors).

Keep up the good work!